Pediatric Osteopathy

pediatric osteopathy Genova

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The Pediatric patients are the most precious patients for the Osteopath.

In fact, the most useful and effective treatments are those on patients at a young age.

In the first years of life the body is extremely receptive to corrective information it possesses remarkable ductility and certainly has not yet developed major adaptations to trauma and injuries.

For these reasons to intervene in the young patients is extremely useful, especially as preventive measure.

Pediatric patients are children until the age of development.


The infant and the baby may be subject to osteopathic lesions.

They may be common consequences of childbirth, but may also be acquired during intrauterine life, in fact, it happens to observe restrictions on children born by caesarean section.

pediatric osteopathy Genova

Symptomatic pictures typical of this age can be musculoskeletal discomforts such as myogenic torticollis or congenital clubfoot or functional disorders, such as problems with sucking.

Of course, organic or non-osteopathic causes should be excluded.

Osteopathic manifestations in the newborn are however are frequent.

That is, most of the babies have mobility restrictions at the level of the skull but only a small number of them have symptoms at birth.

The treatment of the newborn has a primarily preventive interest.

So, beyond the obvious manifestations, an osteopathic consulting is useful especially in case of:

  • Difficult or too long childbirth
  • Birth through the use of suction cups, forceps or traumatic maneuvers.
  • Caesarean section.
  • Presence of mechanical disorders at the level of mother's pelvis.

After five years

From this age, children can be treated by the osteopath like an adult patient.

In fact, not only can they already complain about symptoms like an adult but theycan already be completely cooperative.

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I have personally treated children aged five years with great success.

The most frequent problems of childhood are classically adaptations scoliosis or problems at the soles of the foot.

However, some children may complain of actual pain symptoms or discomfort just like a functional adult patient.

I remember the case of a five year old boy who complained of stiffness of the cervical spine with inability to maintain an erect posture because of a sharp pain located at the base of the skull.

Therefore, as adults, it is impossible to draw up a list of real problems in pediatric osteopathy.

In general for children and teenagers the same indication in adults are applied

You can only add that there are no risky maneuvers in children and the treatment of the child takes place in complete safety.