How Osteopathy works

Before undertaking any osteopathic treatment must first understand whether the problem presented can be solved with Osteopathy.

For this purpose it is necessary to do a checkup FREE OF CHARGE.

If the problem is solved with the presented Osteopathy then you can proceed with treatment.

Osteopathic treatment

For treatment with Osteopathy it is necessary to follow a course of treatment based on a series of sessions.

A single osteopathic seaaion, out of a structured course, is not very effective or even useless.

To solve an osteopathic problem the path must be followed in full.

The number of sessions can vary on the basis of the problem presented by the patient: on average, however, the number is quite low because the osteopathic correction, once made, remains.

Osteopathic treatment goals

Osteopathic treatment aims to correct the problem in a stable manner.

This means that, once the osteopathic path, the patient can return to normal life without the need to undergo continuous treatment, corrective gymnastics or charges of any kind.

How long is the benefit of Osteopathy?

Corrections, if done correctly, will theoretically retain indefinitely.

It's like putting on a derailed train tracks: once in place, if accidents do not happen, there is no reason that derailed again.

In fact over time it is possible to undergo new "accidents" and thus acquire new dysfunctions: unfortunately is inevitable.

On average, based on our statistical evaluations, the benefit of an osteopathic procedure takes about one to two years.


Some patients are hoping to get results right from the first session and, when this does not occur, discouraged abandon osteopathic treatment.

In fact get results at the first session is statistically very difficult: this must be clear from the start not to be discouraged them later.

Take a seat and then leave right away is a mistake: you spend money without benefits.

To remove any doubt from the beginning is advisable to take advantage of consultations FREE OF CHARGE that the firm provides to all patients and opt for quiet to advantageous choices.