The career path

osteopath genova paolo saccardi

Paolo Saccardi is a motion professional, he got a degree in Physical Therapy and then he specialized in Osteopathy.

His professional career began in the early '90s when he got the ISEF certificate with full marks, corresponding to the current Degree in Physical Education.

He made his debut as an athletic trainer in sports, mainly football and tennis in various clubs in Liguria at a semi-professional level.

Towards the end of the '90s he got the degree in Physiotherapy with full marks at the University of Genoa.

Since the end of the 90s he has begun to work for several institutes of Rehabilitation in Genoa where he mainly deals with Manual Medicine, as well as with Neurological Rehabilitation for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and cancer. This has been a very importatnt professional experience.

Since 2000 he has begun to cultivate a keen interest in Osteopathic Medicine, this has lead him to get the title of Osteopath D.O. at the CERDO in 2006 (Centre pour l'Étude, la Recherche et la Diffusion Osteopathiques), this is the oldest and most prestigious school of Osteopathy in Italy. The title of his thesis was "An osteopathic approach to a patient with encephalic lesions of likely infectious-inflammatory nature".

In 2006, he officially opened his Centre of Osteopathy located in via Casaregis 44/2 - 16129 Genoa (Italy).

Osteopathy becomes from now on, the main method used by Paolo Saccardi in rehabilitation.

Paolo Saccardi is now an Osteopath who got three degrees recognized in both academic and professional rehabilitation fields, and over ten years experience in the world of rehabilitation.