Why Osteopathy

10 reasons to say yes to Osteopathy

  1. Osteopathy works: the therapeutic success is very high
  2. Osteopathy has cycles consisting of few sessions
  3. Osteopathy guarantees stable results
  4. Osteopathy is not expensive and affordable by everyone
  5. Osteopathy is not risky
  6. Osteopathy is not painful
  7. Osteopathy is effective against pain
  8. Osteopathy can be practised on everyone
  9. Osteopathy not only treats the symptom but it goes back to the cause
  10. Osteopathy is based on facts not on theories

10 reasons to say no to osteopathy

  1. I am not interested in solving the problem, I just want to temporarily cancel the symptom
  2. If one of the parts of my body hurts and I want the osteopath to treat just that part: in my opinion to treat the whole body is just a waste of time, it is better to concentrate on the problem
  3. I want the osteopath to carry out decisive movements and strong pressures: in my opinion weak pressures are useless
  4. I want the osteopath to press painful areas: in my opinion the more the treatment is painful the better I will feel later
  5. I want the osteopath to make my back creaks
  6. I want the osteopath to carry out a strong traction on my neck
  7. I want the osteopath to use technological equipments, I donít think pain can be treated just using the hands
  8. Osteopathy is a form of private assistance, it is too expensive for me
  9. I have never heard of osteopaths, I trust best health professionals that I already know
  10. I think osteopathy can be dangerous: it is better to use official therapies

If you think so ask for more information