Osteopathy and Sport

The term "sport" does not mean, in this context, only the professional athlete at the highest level but also those who practice a simple sport activity at amateur level.

In any case, the athlete, no matter what category it belongs to, deserves a special attention on the part of the practitioner.

This is with regard to the maintenance of a mechanical excellent condition, indispensable factor for the performance of any motor activity, both in relation to the dynamics of any trauma that are always quite specific, at least statistically, for each sport.

Sport Description
Football All sport games and physical contact with an opponent (rugby, handball, basketball, etc.)
Volleyball All sport games with an opponent but without physical contact (tennis, etc.)
Cycling and spinning All individual activities with a strong aerobic commitment (as well as cross-country skiing)
Body building All individual activities with a strong anaerobic commitment (weightlifting)
Swimming and water sports All water sports as well as water polo, water aerobics, synchronized swimming, etc.
Race and athletics All individual bodyweight activities as well as mild gymnastic activities (spinal gymnastics, etc.)
Martial arts All individual activities that involve combat (boxing, etc.)
Dance All activities based on individual pace (as well as rhythmic gymnastics, etc.)