Osteopathy and Senior Adult

From an osteopathic point of view there are no diseases of the Third Age in a specific sense.

There are, if anything, dysfunctional pictures maintained for a long time.

osteopathy senior adult Genova

A lesion framework can be corrected at any time and the correction can be beneficial at any age, sometimes with surprising results.

Of course, the chances of recovery depends largely on the situation.

A long maintained osteopathic dysfunction may cause, at the level of tissues, adaptations sometimes very marked and sometimes organic degeneration.

In these cases it is difficult to put a remedy to the damage caused over decades, but the basic framework lesion may, however, be corrected and resolved.

And even if the basic situation is compromised, it is possible to obtain stable results over time both on the symptoms than on functions.

Moreover, even in the young patient can be observed as the osteopathic correction can reverse a symptom even in the presence of structural damage, an example for all is the herniated disc.

Some typical symptoms of old age commonly attributed to rheumatism or arthritis actually have an osteopathic base.

It can be said that almost all the diseases of the spine, joints and bones have a mechanical component that can be treated by osteopathy.

Moreover, even balance disorders, urinary incontinence, breathing or other phenomena may be autonomic effects of osteopathic lesions.

With regard to the risks related to the application of osteopathy in Senior Adult Patients can be said that the osteopathic techniques do not present any kind of risk.

In the case of post-menopausal patients the fear of possible risks related to the presence of osteoporosis is completely unfounded.

Osteopathy in fact has a huge technical knowledge and a broad range of solutions for any kind of problems or personal need.

Moreover, there aren't painful techniques but, on the contrary, the seat osteopathic session is always extremely pleasant.