Tinnitus is a problem of competence ORL but in some cases may also be present an involvement of the functional type.

An osteopathic dysfunction is not often the primary cause of tinnitus but an aggravating factor, simply going to exacerbate an already existing symptom.

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The inner ear
Testut-Latarjet, Anatomia Umana
UTET, Vol.IV, pag.960

To understand how an osteopathic dysfunction may affect the functioning of the organ of hearing is necessary to consider some anatomical evidence.

As shown in the figure perilymph (in black), which is the liquid in which structures of the inner ear are immersed(in blue), is closely related to the CSF (in yellow), the liquid that surrounds the Central Nervous System.

In the figure you can see the channel through which the perilymph and the inner ear communicate with the cerebrospinal fluid (arrow).

This causes a cranial-sacral dysfunction, which directly influences the fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid, may have direct effects on the perilymph and then on the physiology of hearing, as well as on the balance.

The so-called Meniere's Syndrome is undoubtedly an osteopathic contributory cause.

To all this must be added the possible vascular involvement especially those affecting the circulation spine.

The case of a 34-year old patient who had had tinnitus on the right side and dizziness for a few months.

Osteopathic examination showed the right maxillary bone in external rotation and a dynamic cranial lateral flexion / rotation right. In addition, other structural lesions appeared minor.

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On the basis of dynamic tests of the skull the anamnestic investigation has been examined in depth in fact it showed that the patient began to present these problems after tooth extraction.

This intervention has affected the dynamics of the jawbone and then the corresponding dynamics of the whole skull.

Symptoms regressed in a rather quickly after the injury was reduced.

The patient was reviewed at a distance of ten days and it was completely restored.

It is correct to point out that not all forms of tinnitus can be corrected, but osteopathy is equally true that a high percentage of patients with problems of this kind can be found in osteopathy a stable solution.