The rizoartrosi

The rizoartrosi is arthritis related trapezium-metacarpal joint, which is the joint that connects the first finger of the hand, the thumb, the bones of the carpus.

This is not the appropriate forum to investigate the role and therefore the importance of the thumb within the physiology of the hand, not only from a functional point of view but also in reference to the phylogenetic evolution of the human species.

However, the complex function of this finger, especially as regards the mechanism of opposition to the other fingers, allows to understand the functionality of the metacarpal - phalangeal joint and how it can be a victim of dysfunctions much more frequently than the adjacent joints.

rizoartrosi osteopathy Genova
The skeleton of the thumb
Kapandj, Fisiologia articolare
Maloine-Monduzzi, Vol.I, pag.231

In order to simplify the discussion, we can only say that the "column of the thumb", ie the set of elements that make up the bony skeleton of this finger starting from the carpus, constitutes one of the terminals of the chain bone and muscle fascia of the upper limb.

Moreover in the previous sections it was shown how, through bands, musculo-skeletal elements present an anatomical continuity that makes it impossible to define the beginning and the end of a functional structure.

So the rizoartrosi is not a specific problem of the thumb.

It is the result of a unphysiological global mechanics which leads to a functional difficulty at the level of the base of the thumb, but that does not originate there.

For this reason in the case of rizoartrosi to seek the solution of the problem at the level of the hand is generally useless.

Furthermore it is known that the problem frequently arises from both sides.

It is necessary in these cases to rebalance the entire system starting from primary lesions that should always be looked for widely to finally arrive to restore harmony at the local level.

As an example there is the case of a 63-year-old patient who had suffered from pain in the left thumb for several months when stapling. Radiographic examination showed obvious signs of rizoartrosi.

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Osteopathic examination showed a twistwed dynamic of the skull with an outbreak lesion at the occipital- mastoid to the right, the patient also had a restriction at the level of the gastro- phrenic ligament (between the stomach and diaphragm) that could compromise the correct dynamics of the stomach.

Once disruptions have been reduced the pain during the movement disappeared within a fortnight.

In this case, incidentally, the rizoartrosi could not be the problem because any arthrosis framework can not disappear in a fortnight.

The most likely hypothesis is that both the pain and the rizoartrosi were actually both expressions of the same dysfunctional framework.

The correction of the dynamic has given this Patient great advantages both in respect of the functionality of the thumb and the pain to the digital jack.

After the osteopathic treatment other treatments are not needed.

However, also in this case, the damage produced in the course of time are not always recoverable hundred per cent, then do not deny the usefulness of local therapies in the case of severe anatomical alterations.

In any case, the global rebalancing of the entire system is the fundamental assumption of any therapeutic intervention.

If nothing is done before the cause is useless to try to put a remedy to their effects.