The onset of cramps, especially in the legs and calves and mostly at night, is a problem that occurs with some impact.

While not constituting a real disease in the strict sense, it is an event that often accompanies other problems such as back pain or paresthesia; sometimes occurs in isolation.

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Very often athletes suffer from cramps especially at night or even at rest after a workout.

In any case the cramps represent a rather annoying problem also because, occurring mainly during the night hours, reduce the hours of sleep and will deteriorate the quality.

Therefore, patients who suffer from night cramps usually also have performance problems during the day.

This problem is almost always a basic autonomic functional and therefore it is absolutely solvable with osteopathy.

In fact the main cause of this event is a disturbance of the nervous vascular bundle (the set of nerves, arteries and veins) that stretch from the lumbosacral spine goes to the legs and especially the calves.

Usually osteopathic dysfunctions responsible for the onset of cramps originate from the pelvis and lumbar spine.

Almost always involved the sacrum that creates functional adaptations downstream of the lower extremities; and very often the sacrum is stumped dysfunction craniosacral from the base of the skull.

In this case it is necessary to make a correction to the base of the skull to restore the dynamic function of the pelvis and lower limb.

For those unfamiliar with osteopathy what may seem an original point of view and something "alternative".

Iin fact the main cause of this type of problem is most of the time just in nature craniosacral so if you do not work in this way there is no way to resolve the issue.

At other times, less frequently, the problem starts from the lumbar whose dysfunctions affect downstream through the connective systems.

In rare cases the viscera of the small basin, especially the bladder, are involved in priority because of their connections with sistwemi fascial lower limb.

In any case the cramps are solvable osteopathy very frequently since they are almost always the expression of a dynamical disorder of the pelvic area.

Real cases

Carry the case of a businessman 65 years who suffered from night cramps for several months.

This patient did not know the Osteopathy and during this long period of time has tried to solve the problem by drugs mostly potassium and taking drugs miorislassanti. All without the minimum result.

Osteopathic examination showed a strong restriction on the sacrum caused by a problem on the zygomatic arch; also was present ptosis (lowering) of the right kidney which was quite adherent to the psoas major muscle.

This patient had previously suffered from knee problems; lately the knees had given more problems but had appeared cramps.

Treated in a couple of sessions this patient no longer has reported problems.

Revised every few months reported to have had only a few marginal episode in the following weeks but basically considered to have solved the problem in a stable manner.