The headaches are usually classified on the basis of their symptomatic expression: there are headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, headaches secondary to head trauma, those attributed to vascular disorders and many others.

In osteopathy there is no symptomatic classification since Osteopathy does not act on the symptoms.

headache osteopathy Genova
The intracranial membranes and
the venous sinuses of the skull
Testut-Latarjet, Anatomia Umana
UTET, Vol.II - Pag.938

The headache, regardeless from the way it occurs is always interpreted as the result of a general imbalance and treated by rebalancing the system as a whole, like any other disorder.

Generally osteopathy is very useful for this type of problem since a large number of headaches actually has adysfunctional basis.

I'll describe two interesting cases as an example.

The first case concerns a young 16 year old patient who had complained of migraine 2-3 times a week from the age of six following a fall on the sacrum occurred in the pool.

Osteopathic examination showed a cranio-sacral imbalance at the level of a couple of sutures but he also had a significant contraction of the pelvic floor that was going to greatly restrict and the sacral and therefore craniosacral dynamic.

Once dysfunction has been reduced the patient has had improvements from the first week but it was necessary to see him several times over the course of several months.

In less than a year, the headache had a serious setback to later disappear in a stable manner.

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The second case concerns a 66 year old patient suffering from tension-type headache associated with eye disorders that forced him, in moments of acute pain, to retire in a dark room.

The problem had been present for years chronically and acutely manifested on a monthly basis or at least several times a week.

Osteopathic examination showed a strong restriction at zygomatic level maxillary on the right side and with a restriction at the level of the second rib right adjusted in superiority.

Once dysfunction has been reduced symptoms gradually disappeared and stopped to recur within a year.

The resolution of a problem of headache generally requires quite a long time, months at least.

This can sometimes lead to discouragement in the patient who usually wants immediate results.

However many headaches have an osteopathic base, especially in cases where the patient presents symptoms even if nothing emerges after examinations and investigations.

In these cases, an osteopathic process is absolutely recommended.