The flat feet and foot cables

Flat feet and foot cables are frequently the subject of attention from specialists in the field.

Inconvenience of this type in fact are often interpreted as the expression of a mechanical dysfunction at the level of the foot.

However, this is not true in absolute as there are people who have structural conformations far from the average but not out of physiology. Very often the foot, while having an attitude or flat-footedness in cavus, has no intrinsic dysfunction but it is located in what was to fit dysfunctions present upstream.

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It may be added that any correction in the foot inevitably affects the whole body mechanics.

For these reasons, any targeted therapy in the foot, especially if they change the structure or support, must be weighed with great care and caution.

Osteopathy does not "cure " flat feet or cables, simply rebalances the dynamics of the skeleton as a whole when a patient complains of discomfort.

Sometimes, in the course of a process of rebalancing, it happens that the arch support may be subject to change and regain its physiology. Sometimes however, this does not happen: this means that the foot is already in equilibrium and the support, although apparently deviant from the norm, is actually in the diagram with the structure of the Patient.

The case of a 35-year-old patient with a chronic low back pain associated with a cavus bilaterally is an example. For years the foot cables were considered the cause of his back pain and treated with corrective insoles.

I treated the patient for several months because, while presenting a common and almost trivial, symptom was the victim of a very compromised dynamic situation.

The treatment sessions were gradually thinned out over time as during each control the overall situation appeared increasingly physiological, and after almost a year, the patient could be considered recovered.

The sequence of some podoscopic images of the patient from the beginning of the treatment until the last sessions.are an example The pictures are in chronological order from top to bottom.

As it can be seen during the months of treatment the sole of the foot has regained its physiological support and the patient has regained a state of excellent health overall, in all senses.

In the case of this patient the primary lesions were located predominantly in the maxilla and a descending chain involved the diaphragm and the facilities axles up to the dock and the soles of the feet.

The problem therefore was localized at the level of the palate bone, and then at the cranial level. This explains the failure of treatment based on trying to correct the cavus and heal low back pain through the use of orthotics.