Epicondylitis or "tennis elbow" is a frequent reason for consultation in an osteopathy clinic.

In fact epicondylitis is a classic osteopathic problem and osteopathy can be an effective solution.

Sometimes it may happen that the primary lesion is localized at the elbow but generally the elbow is almost never home to dysfunction more frequently it adapts to problems somewhere else.

epicondylitis tennis elbow osteopathy Genova
The elbow
Mancini-Morlacchi, Clinica ortopedica
Piccin, pag.160

Therefore very often epicondylitis is the result of an imbalance of the organism.

A global examination of the patient is necessary to identify and correct the primary lesion outbreaks.

As an example here are two significant cases which help to understand the working mechanism of the osteopathic lesion.

The first case concerns a 56 -year- old entrepreneur who had complained of pain in the left elbow for months.

Osteopathic examination showed a restriction in terms of the spheno - squamous suture on the left side and the left first rib in inspiration. The patient presented also, secondarily, an adaptation of the sacred in the prior art one-sided on the same side.

Once the dysfunction has been reduced the symptom regressed but they disappeared completely only after two months.

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A second case concerns a street cleaner aged 32 who complained of pain in his right elbow in extension and inability to perform heavy tasks.

Contrary to the previous case here the seat of the primary dysfunction was located right at the level of the elbow.

That is the patient showed an abduction / external rotation of the ulna associated with a deferred action of the radial head.

Other disorders were also present but they were minor.

Once the disfunctions have been reduced, pain disappeared and the erectile function of the elbow was recovered almost immediately.

This shows how two apparently identical problems may underlie completely different lesional frameworks and have different evolutions in the treatment phase.

In any case, the problems of the elbow always have a mechanical base for this reason the therapeutic effort should be oriented mainly in this direction.