The coccyx pain

The pain in the coccyx is an eventuality rather frequent among those who perform sedentary jobs.

In fact most of the time this type of pain not only involves the tailbone but the entire pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor muscle is a plan that fits on the lower part of the pelvis, sacrum and coccyx and also on closing down the small pelvis; on this floor muscle will support the bladder and rectum and into the woman's vagina.

This floor muscle normally is elastic and dynamic but when it is in a state of contracture gives very painful sensations, deep, difficult to detect and definitely annoying. These pains are accentuated dramatically in the sitting position as you go from sitting to press on these parts.

In this case it intervenes rebalancing the whole basin (including the coccyx), dissolving these contractures and energizing the pelvic area.

Unfortunately this type of problem is rather difficult in the sense that the contractions of the pelvic floor are very stubborn; sometimes takes weeks before coming to a complete solution.

In any case, the osteopathic intervention (or functional) is the optimal solution for more dynamic, more elastic and lighten the pelvic area.

The pelvic exercise can serve as secondary support but remember that motor activity or even a corrective exercises fail to Correct dysfunctions primary, they just energize the parts that already move.

Change chair or pillow very often not needed, as you may have already seen.

Osteopathy in contrast is extremely effective and decisive for this kind of problem.

This is because it arrives directly at the origin of the disorder: for this osteopathic the solution is the most effective, the fastest, and then also the most economical.

On the medium to long term the result is always guaranteed and the benefit lasts for a very stable.