The cervicobrachialgia

The cervicobrachialgia is, like sciatica, a very frequent reason for consultation in a n osteopathy studio.

A large percentage of the population suffers from neck pain associated with radiation to one upper limb, it is definitely a frequently possibility.

The brachial plexus
Castano & Co, Anatomia Umana
Edi-Ermes, pag.346

Classically, it is believed that the main cause of cervicobrachialgia consists of a compression of the nerve roots of the brachial plexus by the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine.

However, that interpretation is almost never an effective response in daily practice, the primary causes are always to be found from time to time.

Publishing the interesting case of a patient of 32 years with persistent pain in the neck and right arm associated with a functional limitation in elbow extension remained semi- flexed.

All this following a fall occurred a few months earlier.

Osteopathic examination showed restrictions on the right at the level of the carpal lunate bone, adapted dorsally and at the level of the ulna that occurred in abduction/internal rotation. In addition, there was a twist in the left cranial adaptation.

Correct the primary lesions at the level of the carpus and the ulna and rebalanced the skull, the patient had immediate relief in symptoms is painful in mobility.

In this case, the problem was not localized in the cervical and upper limb then irradiated but it appeared exactly the opposite: that was located in the arm and then radiating to the neck.

Probably the trauma had caused the structural restrictions on the wrist and elbow, and from there a lesion ascending chain had transferred the discomfort to the mechanical axis.

This simple case shows that in reality it is not possible to rely on standard regimens but need to look up from time to time the cause of the problem by examining the individual patients.

This patient had already undergone cervical traction and wear collars, even had been subjected to a cycle of cervical manipulation.

The failure of these therapies derives from the fact that the origin of the problem was not localized at the cervical level.