The back pain

For back pain means a pain expressed at the level of the dorsal spine.

The back pain is dull, continuous, non-changeable with breathing or with the location, and almost always point located approximately in the middle of the back between the shoulder blades in a central position.

It usually has a low intensity, that is not a very strong pain, but it is constant and can be very annoying.

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It is found sporadically because usually the traits most affected are those lordotici (neck and loins), with greater mobility and more exposed to mechanical work. Also not to be confused with the intercostal pain that manifests itself in a more alive, and gives intermittent irradiation on its side.

From a clinical point of view does not have its own identity; usually is cataloged among other pains in the spine and treated like a neck pain or sciatica.

However, the back pain is almost never due to mechanical or hemodynamic distress, as is generally the case for neck pain and low back pain, but has a completely different nature.

From a point of view osteopathic a symptom of this type is always the expression of an imbalance cranio-sacral, ie an imbalance of deep systems.

The solution should be sought in this direction.

Carry the case of a young patient who complained of a dull ache deep in the middle of the back and very consistent. This discomfort was started after the birth, then several months before the date of consultation.

As often happens in these cases, the patient had already undertaken a number of local therapies without lasting results.

Osteopathic examination showed a large restriction on the level of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone which was right in external rotation. Also present was a major dysfunction at the level of the pelvic floor on the dials on the right.

So a cranio-sacral discomfort associated with a contraction of the pelvic floor.

Reduced the damage the symptom is regressed in a few days. After a week the general dynamic situation was completely normalized and the pain disappeared.