Asthma is classically a matter dealt with by pulmonary or allergy.

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The bronchi and lungs
Testut-Latarjet, Anatomia Umana,
UTET, Vol.V, pag.148

In fact, asthma is an extremely complex phenomenon that involves aspects of allergy, food, psycho- somatic aspects and in many cases it is also presents an osteopathic basis.

Indeed, in the case of asthma, the probability of a functional alteration of the autonomic nervous system is very high.

That is the system of regulation of autonomic functions is very often compromised.

This "system" is composed of multiple components, and each of them can be a victim of osteopathic lesions.

The compression of the cerebral ventricles as a dysfunction of the sympathetic ganglion at the level of a head costal or visceral dysfunctions related to the mediastinum are all possible causes of functional alteration in the regulation of autonomic vegetative functions.

Real cases

The case of a 73-year old patient that came to my studio for a severe asthmatic form is an example.

Osteopathic examination showed restrictions at the level of the falx cerebri and the left temporal bone that was found in internal rotation; structural lesions were also present at the costal high level on the left and at the level of the first metatarsal bone left in superiority.

After rebalancing the global situation, the patient reported a marked improvement of bronchospasm.

However, it is correct to point out that the forms of asthma may also have underlying problems osteopathy.

In any case an osteopathic rebalancing is undoubtedly necessary to permanently solve problems of asthmatic nature.

Other aspects, if any, must be evaluated and treated in the appropriate seat.